Ship ran aground at Qawra Point

The ship that ran aground at Qawra pointHephaestus, has made for a very spectacular and rare sighting. Here is my quick shot at it. Just hope that any leaks are stopped and the area cleaned as quickly as possible.


Being blessed by being Maltese, it was inevitable that a love for the sea would grow. Every Summer I would head off for the sea snorkeling. Then at the age of twenty I started the diving course and four years ago I started taking some underwater photography. My all time favorite was at the very beginning of a dive! We start descending, then for some reason I turn back to check on my buddy, Roberto! Click! A great shot is taken! Judge for yourself and comment!

Roberto’s Underwater Profile

Upper Barrakka, Valletta, Malta

Some of my favourite shots of the Upper Barrakka at Valletta, Malta as seen from St. Angelo, Birgu.

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One of my favourite diving sites is the Um El Faroud at Wied iz-Zurrieq and one of my very first shots with the new camera and underwater housing was as I surfaced from a dive. It was more luck than skill back then but yet a great addition to my collection.

Valletta Waterfront, Malta

I had just got hold of my new Canon Powershot A710 IS and headed down to the newly refurbished Valletta Waterfront around July 2007 and this was one of my very first shots! The waterfront was not yet bloated with restaurants and the real beauty of this site can be appreciated!