Guitar Playing

During my M.Sc. studies, I started to feel stress taking the better of me and needed a means to cope. That is when I started to play guitar. Nearly three years down the line and I have added a couple of guitars to my collection and can play a few songs. It is a real […]

M.Sc. Studies

Glad to announce that I have successfully graduated with top grades at De Montfort University, Leicester in M.Sc. Business Intelligent Systems and Data Mining for which I have won the Best Student and Best Project awards. My research has also been published in an IEEE conference, DOI: 10.1109/ICCE-Berlin.2016.7684753 I would like to thank my mentor Dr. […]


I am a Database and Software consultant with 10 years experience in systems development focusing mainly in database systems, web development and Linux systems. My main area of expertise is database systems where I have dealt with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle systems and recently in PostgreSQL. I have developed a number of database […]