I am an IT senior lecturer, Developer, Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining consultant with years of experience in database design, implementation, and programming.

My web development experience started with the development of database driven ASP and ASP.Net systems then, to the development of PHP and WordPress based sites.

My lecturing career started at the University of Malta then at Malta College of Arts Science and Technology, focusing on Databases, Linux, and Mathematics. I am the unit leader of Database modules at Degree level. As dissertation supervisor, I mentor students in areas related to Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining fields.

My main area of expertise is in databases where I have dealt with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle and Postgres systems. I have developed a number of database driven systems, data migration/extraction applications, administrative tools, offered consultancy and private tuition on a number of database systems. Throughout my consultancy career, I have worked on Linux systems, testing, reviewing, configuring and recommending a vast range of distributions mainly CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. I have also had the pleasure of working with a number of government entities and private companies on various BI projects.

Specialties: SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL Programming, Java Programming, Data Mining.

E-Mail: frankieinguanez@gmail.com

Linked-In: http://mt.linkedin.com/in/frankieinguanez

Twitter: @frankieinguanez 

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