MCAST @ Digital Assembly 2017

It was my pleasure to represent MCAST IICT, together with the institute directors, Mr Conrad Vassallo & Mr Mark Anthony Farrugia, and some students at the Digital Assembly 2017. The conference was held on the 15th and 16th June 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. The conference was packed with technical, business and informative seminars about Cyber Security, Data Economy, Roaming and other current digital topics of importance within the EU.


We were one of the various exhibitors, together with University of Malta, Gaming Malta, Malta Enterprise, eSkills Foundation, Malta Communications Authority and MITA Innovation Hub just to name a few. Am really proud of my 2nd Year B.Sc. students who after a year-long hard work, found the time to exhibit their end of year project.

  • Charleston Attard (Image Enhancement for Colour-Vision Impaired Individuals),
  • Alistair Azzopardi (Arab Spring Themed 3D FPS),
  • James Azzopardi (Facial Recognition for Persons with Prosopagnosia),
  • Christian Bonnici (User Authentication via KeyStroke Dynamics),
  • Jean Paul Caruana (Drone Construction & Drone Racing Simulator),
  • Luke Benjamin Cassar (Augmented Reality Restaurant),
  • Nathaniel Cutajar (Map Generation via Procedural Content Generation),
  • Evgeny Danilenko (Image-Sound Bi-Directional Converter),
  • Isaac Hili (Syria Civil War Automated News Scraper and Linker),
  • Martin John Meli (Digital Mosaicer),
  • Mark Patrick Owen (Flight Price Scraper and Monitor) and
  • Simon Zerafa (Augmented Reality Interior Design).

You made us all proud.


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Author: Frankie Inguanez

I am a Data & Software Consultant from Malta with a specialisation in Business Intelligence & Data Mining. Currently, a senior lecturer and software developer at MCAST focusing on Databases, Business Intelligence and Applied Computational Intelligence modules at degree level. As a developer, I have been working on the development of a management information system together in a small team using PostgreSQL, Spring, Jira, Confluence, Git, amongst other tools. My first degree was a B.Sc.(Hons.) at the University of Malta then I graduated at De Montfort University in M.Sc. Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining where I was recognised with the Best Student and Best Project awards. My postgraduate research was then presented and published in an IEEE conference in Berlin in 2016. During my free time, I try to find a balance between photography, diving, guitar playing and an occasional camping or walk in the countryside.

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