I am a Database and Software consultant with 10 years experience in systems development focusing mainly in database systems, web development and Linux systems.

My main area of expertise is database systems where I have dealt with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle systems and recently in PostgreSQL. I have developed a number of database driven systems, data migration/extraction applications, administrative tools, offered consultancy and private tuition on a number of database systems.

My web development experience started with the development of database driven ASP and ASP.Net systems then to the development of PHP and recently WordPress based sites.

I am also an ICT lecturer at MCAST focusing in Databases, Linux and Mathematics. I am the subject coordinator of Database modules at Higher National Diploma Level 1 and Degree level as well as the administrator of the database server for the same modules.

Through my consultancy career I have worked on Linux systems, testing, reviewing, configuring and recommending a vast range of distributions mainly CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. I also have first-hand experience in Mac OS X.

For more information about me, including a CV, check the Personal Details Link in the sidebar.


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